Here we list our Dogs which are currently for Adoption, please note that we cannot give any dogs for FREE because Pet Pals and the foster parents do have a lot of expenses towards those dogs.

Different adoption Fees apply to animals due to their different state of vaccinations.

Also if adopted outside the Bahamas more Fees will apply for Travel and Health Certificates, for dogs or puppies less than 20 lbs they can travel in cabin so the fee is between $50 and $125 + $25 - $40 for health certificates depending where the dog goes to

Dogs over 20 lbs have to travel in cargo, fees are between $50 - $500 depending where to go

Along with the description of any dog for adoption it is listed if they had already all shots and what else on healthcare had been given to them.

We are not out to make a profit but would like to recoup some of the expense spent on any particular animal.

Also we do not give Dogs or Cats for Free because we do not wish that any harm will be done to them. 


Potcake Rescue Bahamas & Dominican Republic FACEBOOK PAGE HERE


We adopt on a first-come, first-approved basis. 
We do not hold pets.

All of our pets are in foster homes -- we don't have a shelter.
We are a small rescue group and can meet for adoptions only after appointment.

We only allow foster-to-adopt for hard to place animals.  
The reason being that if you foster and then decide not to adopt, the foster pet has missed out on other opportunities to find his forever home. 

We have a 7-day return policy with full refund of the adoption fee. After 7 days, a refund is at our discretion.
All adopted pets should come back to us if no longer able to been taken care of.

Pets are adopted "as-is" with any known medical conditions disclosed.
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