RIP POOCHIE, u were so young, not sure what happend that they put u down 


Little Brindly wasnt alive anymore when we came to rescue the siblings. we coulndt take u in earlier you were too young. So sorry. 

4th Brother of Jimmy, Arthur aka Percy and Arnie, u were dead on the main road, so sorry i couldnt get u in time either. RIP 

My PEZI, a wise old man, the best dog i ever had, went way to soon, he wasnt even 8 years old, but got cancer and we could not help him anymore.

You are very much missed by everyone and your doggie friends from here.

Love and Peace 

Pezi the wise old man
Ella was meant to adopt Tanner, we sadly lost him to Parvo, then Ella wanted still to rescue a potcake and decided to get Fennel, he made it to Toronto and was fostered there, waiting for his flight to Vancouver to Ella to his forever home.
He became seizures really badly and was taken to the vet. they did some tests and we still dont know for sure what it was causing it. but the vet suggested to put him down, as it was getting worse.
He got hit by a horse a few weeks before and was checked by a vet but nothing bad came out. he was ok. 
so we dont know what really happend, just sad we lost him too. may those 2 pups play together at rainbow bridge.
we never forget you both

we still hope for Ella to find her a potcake puppy she can give all the love 

Beautiful puppy Suzie, this is a pic from 2 years ago, found in Rainbow area, fostered by me and then Dianne, adopted out but now found out she died, not sure what happend..... just sad , such a young dog..... RIP Suzie, Tornado, Hurricane and latest called DAISY 

 This is Mama with 2 of her sons. She had babies 7 weeks ago, i wanted her to be safe and brought food to her. in order for her not to go out and find some. but she did and got run over by a car when they were just 2 weeks old. 

this was 5 weeks ago.

I rescued her 5 puppies. but had no vet here and only baby formula milk to give them in the bottle.
All got really sick, 2 days later i gave them antibiotics cos i had no choice. After Maverick died on a monday morning.
Machete did make it another day, but also died.
At least the other 3 survived and are thriving now.
Macho got adopted. Alaska got adopted waiting on her flight to her home on the 19th.
Aurora the tiny girl is still looking for her forever home.
All those pups really special to me. i rescue a lot but those are my babies.
Hard to let go but i will have to. but only in super special forever homes.


ZENA owned by David got hit by a car and was killed on banks road mid March 2013. she was usually free to go where she wanted and was known by many people and tourists of Eleuthera.

You will be unforgotten by many Zena. RIP GIRL; RUN FREE

        Little MINNIE was only with us for 3 days before she went to RainbowBridge.

She was too small and something wasnt right.

so i think she decided to go back home.

We wont forget you. 


Poor little BINDI she was only 4 month and got into some poison

RIP little girl - at least we could give you some love in your short life 

SUNNY & PIXIE were rescued in Nassau from the streets, they were eating their dead mum, a very sad story, they needed to be trapped as they were frightend of people. Luckily they found a forever home in Eleuthera, unfortunately about 15 month later they got poisoned. A short but at least a good life they had with their family. RIP little girls, we miss you.

Little STAR gone at 4 month only.

A very sad story, RIP little girl 

died too young poor baby

Creamy, Ebony and Kuks, 3 sisters rescued in Nassau 

GIGI & HOPE always lifed together since Hope was born, Gigi was like her mum but not really. I knew Gigi since 5 years as she was living with a neighbor, then 4 years ago Hope did come to live with them. We took care they got spayed and shots and their meds and took them to the beach sometimes with our dogs. then 2 years ago they moved away and both did stay with us. it was shortly after we lost PLUTO & MAUSI. Last year Hope had bad mange, it got healed but came back more severe and she did never really fully heal again. It always came back. Then also Gigi got it as she always had bad skin and she also had an edema and she couldnt walk on one of her front legs. she was in bad pain but never lost her good sprit. Sadly both of them couldnt be helped here, and maybe not elsewhere. So we had to let them go in order not to suffer anymore. They went together up to Rainbow Bridge now playing together forever. We miss you girls. 

MAUSI & PLUTO had a lot of fun fishing in Eleuthera, Mausi was only 2 and Pluto 3 years old when they got poisoned in May 2010. RIP

died at 3 and half years of tick born disease
died at 3 years HEARTWORM
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