Little Jessie was brought almost dead to me, i pimped him up and he found a aweome home in Orlando with 2 other dogs, one is a potcake too. so happy

Sammie above

is home already in a perfect home for him

FINALLY after long search we found a plan to get Brownie to her family in Canada. She will fly with another adult dog named Coco from Little Bay to Florida in private plane from Steve Pendorf. thank you so much Steve to help transport so many.

then the adopers of Coco (sorry no pic) live in New jersey and take Brownie along, there she will be picked up by her new owner who will do all the driving from Toronto to there and back to pick her up. wow very happy

not an easy adoption but we made it work 

Max will fly on the 8th June to his family in Canada.

Moritz goes also around the same date to his new family in Nassau.

Happy those boys found good homes 

Jogi left, has found his forever home thru ROYAL POTCAKE RESCUE in Atlanta. Judy now has finally found her perfect home as well, she lives with 2 other dogs an she loves it. So happy for them

Below Jolly aka RILEY now with her mama in New Jersey, one of the 4 siblings rescued 4 months ago. their other 2 siblings are now on the plane on their way to Atlanta. hopefully they also find such a great home.

thank you for adopting and giving a shy one a chance 

She is also sister to Jogi; Judy and Jonas

Below JONAS he also went to New Jersey and got adopted very quickly, cant find a newer picture of him, this one when was when just rescued. 

I m sure he has a nice good life.

all 4 feral pups

Bay n Breeze, aka GUS N PIPPI , 2 lucky south eleutheran potcakes, both were injured and had no chance here, we would have needed to put them down, as no funds were available for the amputation of Gus leg and the surgery for the hernia of Pippi. 

Mr. Bones runaway rescue from NY helped us an took them in, Elli flew down to nassau to get them. they were fostered and had their surgeries and found both together a great home near New York,

we are so very happy for this ending and very greatful to all ppl involved in their rescue.

Joanna aka now LUTRA was adopted by some nice an kind people in Abaco Island

She went there and was right away the boss in the house.

thank you for giving her a loving home. she is a very lucky and happy girl now. 

BEAR, a rescue from French Leave Beach in Eleuthera, he made himself friend with a few tourists, now one Laurie, she fell in love and did all and paid all for him to be sent to her as she couldnt take him along. she will have him with her in Rhode Island on thursday.
Happy endings, thats what we like. Thanks for not giving up on him Laurie.

and thanks to everyone involved, this was a lot of effort for a lot of ppl. 

These 4 siblings, Skipper, Ginger, Gilly and Maryann were found in Palmetto Point and rescued. All found homes!!! 

These 2 siblings were found wondering the road with mama and were taken in to find homes. Mama was spayed and returned to the owner which was found. he gave up both puppies and they went to a great home in Nassau together. 

Those 3 siblings are from Palmetto Point again. Eleuthera.

they are just soooo cute that they were adopted right away. soon they go to their forever homes as well. 

HANNA about 5 months old, was picked up in Savannah sound eleuthera to be spayed at our last clinic in Gregory Town.

Then the owners didnt want her back, such a cutie, she found a home quickly and is right now (april 1st) flying to florida to her new home where she will be spoiled and appreciated.

another happy ending 

Left ROXANNE and below her 2 puppies who survived.

they all were found at a dump in eleuthera, all found homes, we are very pleased.

such cute and friendly dogs, how anyone can just put them on a dump. i never understand it.

glad they all safe 

Below Mama LUNA and all 9 of her pups already adopted. Luna went to Halifax Canada to her new home. and all her puppies have found homes, a few still here and waiting on their ride to fly to their new homes.


All those puppies below came as litter of 3 and litter of 4 to us.

3 went to atlanta to ROYAL POTCAKE RESCUE and found already homes there.

2 of the 4 siblings went to Vermont and found homes , 2 more found a home in Eleuthera. 

Mama has a home and will be spayed march 1st 2014 in Gregory town. 

all 5 Puppies have found great homes, one is in Nassau , one went near Chicago and 3 went to Canada. 

Both adopted and need now a ride to canada soonest. lucky puppies 

Jean Luc and Tuvok were adopted together into a loving home in Canada. 

Chacotey and Jessie right, have been adopted together to a great home in Eleuthera.


B'Elanna and Beverly 2 sisters, found both loving homes.

Neelix went to canada into a great home where he sleeps with the boy in his bed...... 


found a great home in New Jersey

HONEY right,

found a local home in Nassau with one of our friends who have adopted from us before.

Sunny left, and Shari went both to New Jersey and found great homes there.

SONJA now living in the US as well. having a good life 

Sammy left, and Scotty above are adopted and going to Canada on dec. 17th together. Both go to awesome homes 

SELMA aka ABBEY in Canada 

SMOKEY having the good life in New Jersey with Beacon Animal Rescue directore Dave Haines who fostered him, and he became a foster failure and now is part of his pack. yehhh so happy


3 of 5 rescued puppies survived, they were only 2 weeks old when their mama died. 2 of them didn't make it either due to a nasty infection which gave them bad diarrhoea and no vet here. the others made it with antibiotics i had.

They came all out pretty strong and fat as u can see on the picture. Lots of good goats milk made them healthy puppies.

2 Girls, Aurora and Alaska and 1 boy Macho all found great homes in the USA 

Princess Fiona, living near Chicago 

9 Puppies in one litter or maybe 2 we are not sure from Palmetto Point, all found good homes in Nassau, Canada and USA.

Bandit found on cupids cay went to Canada and is living with Cindi aka Rosie now in one very good home.

Princess came from Palmetto Point as a stray puppy and also has found a good home in the USA.

Bailey aka Benny

All 9 puppies below and aside rescued by Phillys Kemp in Rock Sound

all have found wonderful loving homes 

Little Bailey aka Benny on the left lives in Canada

Cookie, Ginger, Spot, Domino have great homes

Barney and Betty adopted together in Canada

Wilma in the US and Fred aka Juju in Abaco

Betty n Barney
Fred aka JUJU

Left Agatha, found after Hurricane Sandy in Dianne and Waynes Garage, pregnant, and with an injured leg. of course heartworm postitive. after she had her 10 puppies, (all found homes) and she was treated sucessfully, she had a long journey to Utah where she finally found her forever home.

Tiki aka Mojo lives with a family from the US now in Nassau.  

 STELLA, a special need girl, had distemper as puppy and survived it all by herself. No one wanted to adopt her as she might have health problems later on. so now she is part of our Pack (Doris & Marcin Ondella)

STEVIE, blind and has seizures, rescued and fostered and now adopted by Candice & Micah Pinder in Nassau. He is on meds and has no more seizures for now. The best home for him as they also have a "therapy potcake" which helps him a lot too. Stevie also from Eleuthera, Gregory Town 

CHICA (above) adopted by a wonderful family in the US. Lifing a great life

JOSIE (right) adopted

BUMPKINS (left) and PANDORA right, 2 sisters, Pandora in Canada - Tiki aka Mojo is adopted in USA and lives part time in Nassau, he is their brother

NANI (above) and SNOOPY (right) both are in Canada 

MISSY on the left &

KYLIE above

both having a great life in Canada 

Peewee lives happily in Canada

ZIGGY went to Nashville and is all happy in his new family (him above)

CASPER is adopted by a family living near Boston

Idefix also went to the USA

Siblings STAR n RIGHTY waiting for flight to Canada, 

both adopted

JOEY got adopted in Canada

Daisy found a loving home with other dogs in Florida 

lEFTY aka now JILL (named after Jill Gandza who was killed on april 25th 2013 in the Exumas along with her husband RON) and TOBY aka now RON are already in Canada and found very good homes.

They will carry their names proudly after some very wonderful people 

Below LULU and DOZER; both adopted in Canada

GLIDER aka LEVI in Canada adopted, him and the other adopted potcake from Turks n Caicos have their own FB page HERE

TANK aka TONKA living happy with his family in Ft. Lauderdale 

Chip & Sandy went to Canada, Chip has a forever home with 1 other dog , they already buddies.

Sandy has found her forever homes as well with 1 other dog to play with

ALL 6 PUPPIES HAVE BEEN ADOPTED, 4 in Eleuthera, 2 (black and tan ones) are going to live in Canada Toronto. thx to everyone who helped make this possible.


Cupid decided after a while to go back on the Cay to live. Fred n Katie are watching out for her to get her to the vet for her heartworm shots.

She decided one day to jump out from the parked car on the Cay and stayed back at her former place. We let her decide.... 

CUPID, former called big rat, she was a stray on cupids cay and some Bahamian guys asked if we could get her spayed as she already had 2 litters. and was pregnant about 10 days already again. 

Luckily we got her, unfort. she had a complication during surgery and required meds after and fostering. 

Again luckily Katie and Fred said they had time and fostered her. So she became a "foster failure" as we call it when the ppl fall in love and adopt their foster dog. 

We all are very happy for her as she is a very calm and gentle dog and deserves a home. She found herself one of the best she could.

She has heartworm but its mild and will be treated, then she can enjoy the good life, even flying on private planes.

Yeah, way to go girl.

Holly above found on the streets of Eleuthera, went to foster home in Spanish Wells and now is going to Florida to her forever home. yeah Holly 

ALI the last one of the litter, not adopted, flying to canada into his new forever home on Friday 11th May. good luck Ali, 

 PIXIE (left) and brother RACER (above)

have been adopted together in Canada

FINLEY can stay with the family ho found the litter of 6 puppies, Ely and Roxie been adopted too. 3 still need a home please help


both went to Canada to their forever homes 

Little Twinkle got adopted in Florida.

Another successful story. 

BONITA got a new home in New Hempshire, she will be there ont he 21st april. Sister of AMIGA below

WOLFIE & NALA are adopted, good luck babies, from the DUMP into a loving home 

Wolfie is in Canada and NALA is in Florida

AMIGA, on the right has found a home near Boston, she arrived there yesterday and has already settled in. Everybody loves her and back. Yeah 

AMIGA at her new home

Lucky BO was adopted by his foster mama

yeah happy ending 

KING TUTagain now looking for a forever home, it didnt work out where he was.... 

The Litter of 7 Puppies from Eleuthera have been ALL ADOPTED

Cilla lives now in Nassau

Little EVE, currently fostered, got ADOPTED in Canada, she will leave here on the 11th March 2012 to go to her FOREVER home. 

Turtle after being 6 weeks in training at SOLID K9 in RI, she found her foreverhome as single spoiled dog in a nice family which is best for her 

Kuks, Ebony and Creamy were 3 sisters rescued after Hurricane Irene in summer 2011 in Nassau, Ebony found a home in Nassau, Kuks and Creamy came to Eleuthera and were adopted in the same neighborhood 

This is a Family, left bottom is HONEY the mama, then there were 3 puppies

FIDDLE the boy, and the 2 sisters KARMA SHADOW

no picture of SHADOW, but she just looks like  KARMA .

HONEY has found a home in Rainbow Bay, SHADOW has found a home in Governors Harbour,  KARMA  has found a home in Spanish Wells and FIDDLE  is chilling on the bed in Nassau.

Happy Ending for all of them in January 2011, thanks everyone involved.


Left, Sunny & Pixie have been adopted together in Governors Harbour in 2011

The puppy below has been adopted during the 2012 spay/neuter clinic 

MJ went to Nassau
Maggie in Canada

Vanilla aka Maggie

she was found with her sister underneath a trailer in Governors Harbour, very shy and not coming forward. We had to trap them in order to get them.

Unfortunately her sister bit and escaped. Latest news, we got her spayed, she is very shy still but would come around in a short while if treated nice. Hope someone will give her a home too, we named her BIANCA

Lucky Vanilla now called Maggie went after being fostered to a great home in Canada. She loves the snow they told us. She is outside every day and don't want to go back in. She just enjoys her life there. 

Fluffy adopted 2012
Roxy in Canada

Roxy & Hunter are siblings and were both rescued from the dump in Green Castle, Roxy is living in Canada, Hunter in Spanish wells. Both having a happy life !


Princess and Baby Bear, these were 2 of Candice's fosters, they came from the shelter in Nassau and were both adopted by Portia in Eleuthera ! Thank you Ladies !

R.I.P. Mausi
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