Story of PERCY aka Arthur as we first named him. A lil pup with 3 brothers in Governors harbour, either born there or dumped there with mama. But we came to think they might have been born there as daddy is always with mama and we know him

Arthur got run over and was laying somewhere for a while at least a week before i found him injured badly. Lucky that Mr. Bones & Co. came to rescue him and Dr. Allen from Happy Pets Animal Hospital in Nassau has helped us getting him to New York for treatment.

Now here is his story from there. Also we have shared his fundraiser ($5,000 bill) to help them pay.


Pet Pals with the help of Dr. Bizzell did OPERATION BUSHCAT in Current Eleuthera

102 animals were spayed, mostly cats and a few dogs too

Thank you all involved 

Pet Pals of Eleuthera / BAARK


huge success, 109 animals spayed / neutered
24 Puppies rescued / surrendered looking now for homes
look on our ADOPT ME page please

Dogshow held in Tarpum Bay, Eleuthera on the 12th of January 2013 was a huge success and lots of fun.

Thx to everyone who helped to make it possible.

CLICK HERE for pictures.

An update on 2012 Pet Pals Activities

Pet Pals of Eleuthera promoted, organized, funded, focused and/or assisted
in two "Leutra Neutras" this year, one using local talent and resources and
one international team.  Several organizations from Canada, the US, Nassau
and Eleuthera  contributed mightily to spaying, neutering and rescuing over
230 dogs and cats.  Many people commented that there was a noticeable
decrease in the number of undernourished, feral animals during the round-ups
and this year's successes should really help reduce the numbers further.
Some efforts were directed toward educating children on the care and
benefits of  having pets here and good homes were found for over 15 strays
that were rescued.  More effort in this department is needed to create a
safe, pleasant coexistence of humans and animals here on Eleuthera and other
Despite the massive volunteer efforts of these programs, there are still
significant costs associated with the medical supplies and salaries of the
few critical professionals involved and our war chest is nearly empty.  We
are having our annual fundraiser at The Beach House on 11Mar2012  4-6pm.
There will be a few revered and valuable items offered by silent auction at
the party such as an Adirondack Chair, Binoculars, Large Mirror, Driftwood
Paintings, a Yellow Wood Bench or take home a Really Hot Bitch! (like the
one shown below :-)) .  Attendance is not necessary to make a contribution
but we are asking for a $50/person donation which is the discounted cost for
spaying or neutering one animal. Joan Carroll is the treasurer but any Pet
Pals member can accept donations by check or cash and you can pay at the
door.  The party is always a lot of fun with music, dancing, wine, tapas and
ubiquitous wild women (you know who you are - please come!).

ISTAR - Spay and Neuter Clinic January 2012 


Click to read full story
Click to read full story

A Bahamian Potcake Story

by Katie Black

...............................We did make one group decision. I couldn’t remember the name Myrtle, nor could Fred. Myrtle herself responded to the name, but she never looked that thrilled with it. We played around with some other names but given all the change the dog was already navigating, it just didn’t seem right to start calling her Fifi or something. One day on the beach we were talking about turtles and I saw her head cock. Turtle – Myrtle…they rhyme. She smiled. We smiled. We love our dog Turtle.


Here is a follow up story on TURTLE the Potcake

A SAD TURTLE TAIL - by Katie Black

An amazing rescue Story about FARTU the Potcake from Ten Bay Beach, living years out alone, fed sometimes by kind tourists and other people, finally she found her forever family.


FARTU AND THE 4 BEARS early story

download it below as Word Doc

Size : 2585.5 Kb
Type : doc

ROSIE aka PEETA, another Rescue from the spay & neuter clinic in January.

she had babies, all found new good homes. and finally she found one too.

Read her amazing travel and surviving story

Written by Kim Aranha.


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